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Lynatox advanced catalytic nanotechnology for clean air
Lynatox air purifier front view

Sustainable technology

Thanks to the photocatalytic cleaning system you only need to replace the UVA lights after 4,5 years and there’s no need to replace the filters at all.

No harmful by-product

Unlike air-purifiers with HEPA-filters, Lynatox guarantees only clean air as a by-product. Existing mostly out H2O and natural amounts of CO2.

Customizable design

The image on front of the design is adjustable to one that fits your interior. Choose from the extensive Lynatox picture catalog or use your own design and have it printed on the glass.

Low energy consumption

The air purifier doesn’t need much energy as it  uses as much as 40 watt per hour.

100% harmless

Lynatox removes harmful particles from indoor air and gives back natural clean air in return. The residues that remain almost exclusively exist out of water as well as the smallest amounts of nitrogen, CO2, and mineral salts.

Lynatox Clean Air has been tested by TÜV, Dekra and MFPA.
Read test report (in German)
Lynatox air purifier CO2 level indicator

Status LED & air monitoring

The air filter shows when the air needs to be cleaned, so you know when to open a window or adjust the cleaning levels. It also informs you when maintenance of the catalytic unit is needed.

5 different
cleaning levels

Depending on the gradation of air pollution in the room, you can increase or reduce the cleaning level. Switch between 5 levels to get the perfect air quality.
Lynatox air purifier side view cleaning level

We create air cleaning concepts for all indoor areas tailored specifically to your needs.

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Choose your design

Select from our extensive picture catalogue or use your own pictures for the device front. The Lynatox air purifier fits into every interior with an image of your choosing printed on the glass in high-dimension colours.
Lynatox front design choices

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Lynatox benefits at a glance

Long-lasting UV lights

The UV light source lasts up to 40,000 hours or 4.5 years. Lynatox specialists will replace this for you.

Silent cleaning

The Lynatox air purifier makes little to no noise, so you can continue with your day as usual - only more focused.

No disposable filters

Lynatox technology doesn’t create waste products, such as disposable filters. This eliminates the need for regular replacement and unnecessary waste.

Easy installation

Quick assembly and disassembly. You only need two people to install the device in your building.

Wall or ceiling montage

The air purifier is suitable to hang on the wall or ceiling. This doesn’t impact the process of air cleaning.

Environmental friendly

The device itself has a durable construction and is made from recyclable materials.
Lynatox air purifier front

Lynatox Air Purifier

€ 4,850
/ or lease € 140 p.m. (net)
24 months manufacturer warranty.
CE marking, tested by TÜV, Dekra and MFPA.

Technical specifications

Technical drawing Lynatox air purifier
Technical drawing Lynatox air purifier
Aluminium casing
Durable glass front panel
1320 x 730 x 120 mm
25 - 35 kg 
(depending on the equipment)

Air flow

Size and weight



Air flow rate
100m3 / h
Space size
Suitable for rooms with a floor space of 25 m2 and higher (with optimal placement of the device)


Electrical power
Max. 45 W
Schuko plug
TUV tested, CE compliant
24 months

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