We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air as nature intended

Daniel Martschoke, M.SC.

Daniel Martschoke - M.SC

Founder + CEO
Mr. Martschoke is a specialist in power electronics and has extensive experience in the development of products and business models. In addition to management, he is responsible for business development.
Tobias Schnabel, Dr.-Ing.

Tobias Schnabel - Dr.-Ing

Founder + CTO
Mr. Schnabel has been an expert in photocatalysis for over 10 years. He conducts research and is doing his doctorate at the Bauhaus University with Prof. Londong. He is responsible for the R&D area at Lynatox as CTO.
Lars Matting, DIPL. KFM.

Lars Matting - DIPL. KFM.

Founder + CSO
Mr. Matting has been successful in B2B sales for many years and is experienced in building businesses. As CSO, he is in charge of marketing.
Daniel Martschoke at Lynatox

We aim to make a positive impact on people's life every day.

Clean air not only increases productivity and focus, but also ensures that viruses don’t get a chance to spread. The current pandemic makes the Lynatox mission more relevant than ever before.
Electrical wires from Lynatox air purifier

Bringing our air purification system to your building and enhance the quality of indoor air.

Whether you go to work, the gym, or to a restaurant: we feel you need to be able to breathe safely while you’re inside. It’s the Lynatox dream to make that possible everywhere in the world.

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